Technological Rehabilitation Rehabilitation of Bearing Bearings of 5 Aggregates in Hec Vau Dejes

On 20.06.2016 the contract begins, the first phase consisting of measuring the turbines with the relevant equipment realized by the supervisor and engineer from VOITH Hydro GMBH CO. KG.
The realization of this contract is extended in the 3 year period.
Hydro Power Plant Vau i Dejes was built in 1971, Voith & Novamat have started work with the aim of realizing this contract with the key in hand. The first steps that have been taken to realize it consist in the design of a Detailed Technical Project.

Among the key goals and objectives of this 3 year project are:

  1. Increasing the safety and readiness of KESH electric power generating units thanks to the technological renewal of bearings supporting the five aggregates.
  2. Increase the level of the technical condition of the aggregates at a normal operating level and increase the efficiency of the production plants of HPP Vau i Dejes.
  3. Guarantee sufficient generation reserve in order to meet the country code and standards

Photos from this project