‘Panajot Pano’ - NOVAMAT sponsor general

'Panajot Pano' event

PANAJOT PANO, the idol of many young people of that time but also today for all those who know him and his activity in football.

His career started with the youth of KF Tirana where he debuted as a goalkeeper and where he excelled in this position. He was only 17 years old when coach Demner gave him the chance on the field this time in the attacking position. In less than a year, Pano becomes the undisputed starter, leaving behind veterans with goals and appearances.

Only 20 years old Panajot Pano was taken from the Partizan team as a starter. Leading scorer with 12 goals, he also wins the title in his first season. The beginning of the great successes of the Albanian team, which dominated the '60s at the national level and not only. 4 national championships, 6 Albanian Cups and a Balkan Cup for clubs. Resistant and strong, fast as an arrow at the same time. Last and most important quality, magic legs. Light and elegant touch when needed, violent and potent at the right moment. The panel was described by telecommuters as 'Little Puskasi'.

Panajoti spoke on the field, with some fantastic performances with the Albanian national team. He started playing with the Balkan representative late, it was an incredible emotion when he first wore the national team jersey against Bulgaria in 1963. Then, the two games that will remain in his memory forever. 1-0 victory against Denmark with his first goal for the national team and 0-0 in Tirana against West Germany in 1967, in a match for the European qualifiers.

NOVAMAT supports talents in all fields, but legends like Panajot Pano must always be remembered for us, for generations to come, so as not to lose the splendor of this great name. NOVAMAT becomes the general sponsor in the largest event held with sports journalists in honor of PANAJOT PANO.

The ‘Albanian footballer of the century’ named by UEFA in 2000 and the ‘Honor of the Nation’ title given by President Bamir Topi for an athlete make Panayot the pride of the eagles.

It is these successes of Joti that make us call it the ‘Balkan Phenomenon’